We party every day!

Hello! Welcome to the Time Cube!

Oh wait that is my other website about time being four dimensional.

Welcome to the inaugural post of So Outrageous!

I will still be finding my footing regarding what kind of things beyond outfits of the day that I’ll want to post, medical but posting those will be the primary goal.

I don’t have a fancy camera so I’m reliant on only my extremely poor photo-editing skills and a 2003 point and shoot camera! But it is a challenge, here and I like it.

May 27th was my fantastic birthday weekend! I never went to prom but I did find a $4 80s prom dress at a thrift store and I think that was more important and meaningful than actually ever going to prom would have been.

this is how I kick it for my birthday


The dress is a 1980s size 10. I am a size 16/18. How did this happen? Shirring in the back, viagra sale baybee. I say “never give up” and “never say never” and “I’m gonna put my body in that right now”. My trick was, when trying it on, to have it already zipped up and then pull it on over my head. If it had sleeves I would not do that since my arms like to rip seams.

The hand-crocheted bow is by Janelle Haskin, who makes a lot of amazing crocheted things for hair and outfits. The jacket is a junior’s size L from PayHalf. My arms didn’t really fit into it until I massacred the inner lining. If a jacket costs $4 or $24 or whatever is “cheap” in your budget, and you feel it’s in your power to modify it to your needs, don’t hesitate. I don’t know how to sew or do anything useful at all, but I do know that it’s better to try to make it wear-able than to let it sit unworn because I’m afraid of ruining it. The boots are also thrifted! Black boots are a cornerstone in my wardrobe.

Everyone likes a gratuitous face and boob shot, ok


I left some false eyelashes that had been applied by a makeup artist the day before in. Is that kind of gross? I did it anyway because I felt I did not have the power to do such fakery on my own. (I later found out that I am wrong! I’ll tell you about it). The rest of the makeup was a not very good smoky eye. Being a big-eyed lady who depends on most of her wiles coming from the eyes, I get timid about doing anything that might change the shape or size of my eye.

A lady set some sake on fire with a sparkler for me!


Some things to consider when choosing an outfit that I never consider and probably never will:

-Do I know how to sit in this?

-Do I know how to get out of a car in this?

-Do I care that everyone can see my butt?

Karaoke song list: “Say Say Say” by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, “Bills Bills Bills” by Destiny’s Child, “Dr. Jones” by Aqua, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

some graceful ladies being graceful in a hotel

By the way, there’s absolutely no shame in taking awful self-timer pictures everywhere you go, no matter what time of day. Sure, people will judge you, or yell things at you, or think you are vain and unappealing, but at the end of the day who has pictures of themselves for the internet? You do.

I had to have two exciting outfits because it was a whole birthday WEEKEND!

Why read books when you can take pictures next to them?

We went to brunch and then to an amazing used book store called Port Richmond Books, in the section of Philadelphia where everyone has the same cheekbones as me. (Holler at St. Adelbert)

The dress is thrifted, but a Target size XXL. I don’t remember Target ever having floor-length tartan gowns, and I wonder if I am missing the original purpose of them. To me it’s to look like a young Dame Maggie Smith Scottish witch lady. To them it may have been a nightgown or swimsuit cover-up. The original intent is much less important than what I want it to be.

Lenses?? Lenses are so out.

I do need glasses, by the way. Probably just not $1 frames with no lenses.

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  1. Agh I am so excite about your blog! I have been a fan since forever ago when you posted on the fatshionista lj comm. I love the prom dress, and the tartan maxi is pure sexcellence.

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