Pancake Gras

12 Feb

Happy paczkicakegras!


Sometimes when I give into the more severe episodes of anxiety I have, I convince myself I am utterly alone in the world, and my feelings need to be fed.





It is a perfect collision when these episodes interact with one or more eating-focused holidays. The English call today “Pancake Day”, but actually serve crepes. If pretending not to be French helps you sleep at night, I understand, and let’s carry on. Being a quarter Port Richmond consonant-enveloped Polish, I think of today as Pączki Day. Being a person who likes donuts and showing people her boobs, I also call today Mardi Gras.

I took myself to Biddy’s Tearoom because I saw on Facebooks that they were gonna be serving pancakes, and I ordered a Goat(s) Cheese and Watercress crepe. Pancake. It was one of the best crepes I’ve ever had! The caramelized onions were so very sweet and tangy, and I am not a girl who gets filled up easily, but I canceled what I thought were crystallized plans to get myself a dessert pancake. The lavender earl grey tea I had with it on a whim was lovely, as well. I lost my taste for Earl Grey after drinking four mugs of it in a row one strange evening an eon ago, but I was in the mood for something delicate, and the lavender sort of neutralizes the spiciness of the bergamot. It’s also not too floral! It hits a good balance. 

Look how goddamn cute Biddy’s is though:

They offer such cute things to go, as well, like homemade pork pies and scotch eggs. At one of the Norwich vintage fairs I had a haggis pie from Biddy’s pop-up cafe that was incredible! The wait staff are also super sweet and cute.

I did buy a gross donut or two or many from Gregg’s for later. Caramel cream! It’s Mardi Gras! After tonight I will give up giving things up for Lent for Lent.

I considered buying ALL THE ONESIES because really, what’s more important? A week’s worth of groceries or being able to dress like a pink unicorn? Everyone’s onesie game should be tight. Luckily my existential nausea overcame me again before I made it into the store.

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