The Cloisters

A long-time dream of mine for many years finally came true, viagra which is that I got to visit the Cloisters museum in Fort Tryon Park! It was a truly astonishing day. Almost no humidity, the sun was shining, and we happened to go on a day that there was also a Russian Children’s festival, which was decorated by children’s artwork of spaceships and astronauts. Russians love space. The food they served was plain meatballs, rice, and salad. I bet you didn’t know that was a traditional Russian dish.

In Soviet Fort Tryon Park, meatballs eat you

This was an outfit repeat, because I wore this to work once while I was working at a bank. Huh, I wonder why I don’t have that job anymore.

The dress is size XXL from Target. Right now they have a ton of really cute sundresses in a pretty good range of sizes. I find them to be great wardrobe staples because of the small color details that lend themselves to more out-there coordination. The belt is from H+M. I rely heavily on elastic belts as someone with small boobs and a big belly, but oftentimes it makes me look even pregnantier than usual. But people are nicer to you when they think you’re pregnant! Some guy really wanted to give me his seat on the subway

The leggings are from Chinatown in London. Celeste Stein has some very similar ones for about the same price.

My hair becomes a total mess when I’m outdoors for any period of time because I don’t use any product in it most of the time. I like to be WILD LIKE A LION, though.

I was very inspired by the Cloisters!  I am determined to have this be my winter wardrobe:

this is from one of the only complete decks of cards left from the middle ages

In the middle ages they also belted the shit out of their big bellies under their small boobs.

St. Roch wants you to show off your plague sores!

St. Roch is very on-trend with his armored romper and sunhat.

I am actually bored stiff by florals and 1990s nostalgia right now. I admire people’s style most when they don’t seem like they are recalling any time period, though I’m definitely guilty of copying 60s, 70s, and 80s looks wholesale all the time. I suppose one of my personal fashion goals will to be develop a sense of style that does not need to adhere to any era-specific rules or motifs simultaneously.

And to, like, do something with my hair

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