outfit recipe

These are just some miscellaneous outfits that I only got webcam photos of. Not that that means anything, clinic considering my point-and-shoot from 2003 doesn’t really get tremendously better quality.

Cat came over in a skirt I had given to her and I, too, was wearing purple. But I hadn’t cuted up in a similar fashion to her, so I added a belt and a bow. I’m annoying. The dress is from Kimchi Blue by Urban Outfitters, and some of my friends know I whine extensively about how no one should give their money to UO (reasons: Eat Less t-shirt, they funnel money to the GOP, and they are constantly stealing designs). But this dress was given to me! So I can wear it and not feel immoral. That’s how this stuff works. The bow is from Payhalf and the belt is my beloved unicorn from Etsy.


you need to make yourself up for david lynch

I was going over to MC’s to watch Twin Peaks, which means I needed makeup and a fancy outfit. TVs care what you’re wearing! The shirt is from BodyCentral and the skirt is a lolita underskirt made for me by my friend Kaji.

This I wore to a carnival with my friend Gloria. It was a carnival of fear and horror! It was a carnival of me getting on something called “the Hurricane” and not realizing it is much more terrifying to go on a ride that lifts you up and hurls you around when you’re an adult and can sense much more how creaky the ride is and how close to death you probably are. I loved it!! The dress was $3 at Ross.

Do you like my gold trashbag?

My gold trashbag skirt is from a little gallery store in the Piazza in Philadelphia. I once wore it to my bank job and solicited many “what the hell is that”s.

Do you see a pattern here?

Yes, the pattern is printed tights + dress/skirt + belt= outfit. I need to break free!


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  1. Wow, a gold trash bag. Trashy and opulent at the same time. There's probably a statement there, but I'm not sure what it is.

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