a temporary concession to 90s nostalgia

The 90s were a great time for me. Those were the years when I learned how to wipe my own butt without parental interference, cheap where I could choose how many sachets of Shark Bites I could eat in a span of five minutes, hospital and my sartorial choices were unparalleled:

Someone should bring back Disney shirts, right?! And not just Mickey Mouse. Dude is played out.


sock choices in dressing rooms are not to be evaluated


I’ve been resistant to the trend of 90s nostalgia, though, because to be honest I’m still not sure the cultural products of the 90s were anything attractive or interesting at all. I’ve seen a resurgence in smiley face t-shirts that made me think that perhaps people are not using their critical eyes very carefully.

I was at Impact in Norristown and found a dress from the 90s that verged on grade school substitute teacher wear. I did not like the shoulder pads. I still don’t like the length of the sleeves. I did like the busy floral print on what is actually a navy background. I also liked that the front has little frog ties that can be undone if you are feeling sassy.

oh it's a floral dress and black lace-up boots. that's original.

This is my first wearing of it. I took the shoulder pads out, rolled up and pinned the sleeves, and added a belt. In retrospect the belt was completely unnecessary. The back has corset ties that cinch the waist, and it is actually one of the best-fitting and most shapely dresses I own now. I have left off the belt each time I’ve worn it since.




I let my hair just be fluffy and down. I have convinced myself the same way everyone else has that hair doesn’t look neat or good unless it’s bone-straight or really intentionally curled. Where does a wavy-haired girl fit in? A little fluff never hurt anyone.

I like a floral dress and boots as much as anyone, but I am looking forward to what fall will bring. Surely we’ll be moving towards different prints.

Back-to-school season makes girls who didn’t have to wear a uniform long for plaid jumpers.

a 60s plaid dress from etsy user salvagehouse


I also think fall is a time where we should be looking like a couch.

a housedress from etsy user mstips


whatever this is from etsy user vintagerepeats


I will always be looking back further than the 90s for inspiration.

Unless you’re talking about the 1890s. I can get with that:

Edwardian shoes from seller BohemianBisoux

Oh shoes I want to be inside you

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