date outfit

I really need to play catch-up here! I haven’t been taking pictures of my outfits either. I’m excited that fall is upon us because fall is the best clothing season. Layering, cialis sale tights, boots, and cardigans!

Here is an outfit I wore to go on a date:

Yes, it's a see-through blouse


blouse: Target, thrifted

belt: Came with a Forever 21+ dress

skirt: H+M, size XL

tights: Target, size M/T

Nut here was teaching me how to fight


I wore this outfit in summer but it’s really more applicable to fall anyway, with a leaf-print shirt and with tights under the skirt

I like to pretend other people's apartments belong to me


Date strategy: see-through shirt, intentionally messy hair, lip gloss that is poppin’

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