bastille day…

…was two months ago!

Whatever, order now you can start thinking about your Marie Antoinette costume, sovaldi right? Right!

This is what I wore to go see Martha Graham Cracker’s Bastille Day Extravaganza!:

Dress and bow: In the Starlight, custom-sized

Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Shoes: Bodyline


This is what Martha Graham Cracker wore:

I was exhibiting rule number one of life: Never outdress a drag queen. You just don’t do it!!


The following Saturday I went to Eastern State Penitentiary’s Storming of the Bastille! Marie Antoinette threw us some kind of gross banana Tastykake; I wasn’t that into it! Off with her head!

There weren’t that many drag queens for me to potentially outshine so I went for it:

Dress: made for me a zillion years ago by my friend Kate

Belt: Etsy

I ended up changing my mind halfway through about my footwear, which was a mistake because the platform came off one of my boots

I wasn’t that impressed with the Marie Antoinette they had but these ladies brought the rococo realness:

Unfortunately the fanciness of my apparel prevented me from joining my friends in the fountain on the Ben Franklin parkway. Fanciness is a problem when it precludes adventurousness!

vive la jumping around in water in public!!


makeup focus: lots of blush!


It looks like my hair is just knotted on top of my hair but I bothered curling it and carefully assembling the pieces and pinning it up and ratting it and spraying it. By the beginning of the day the humidity just made it seem like a not-even-very-impressive rat’s nest on my head. Like the rat didn’t even want a warm or comfortable place to live. C’mon, rat, have some pride.


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