I dyed my hair purple

I meant to as soon as I quit my bank job but I didn’t get around to it till the end of summer. It turns out it costs money to dye your hair and you can’t just collect berries, generic mash them into a paste, online and wish for the best. In fact sometimes that is the easiest way to transmit poison to your brain!


I also got this tattoo of a heart around my general face area:

It was painful.

The theme of this outfit was pulling things out of my closet that I haven’t worn in years and matching them to the witchy fabulousness of my hair. The shirt and skirt are both things I bought in Japan when I was 16, and and are both Japanese size mediums. I’m not even an American size medium.

The shirt used to be a baseball raglan shape, but I cut off the sleeves because they looked silly on me and it was hot out. The skirt is a newspaper print h.naoto skirt, and I love it, but so much of the time it looks oddly formal.

I don't know what this is about. Obviously I think I'm important.


The belt is thrifted. I need more belts! Or less belts! I don’t know. The elastic on the skirt is not so good because it was used in the first place and I also tend to wear out elastic with the force of my forceful belly. I needed the belt to break up the grey and also to keep the skirt up.



I think a shirt that says “nuggets of wisdom” and a newspaper print skirt match pretty well thematically. And then the gold accents are like gold nuggets, right?! RIGHT?

I want to do more colorful goth as fall goes on! Colorgoths are the ultimate paradox!

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