at the drive-in

Who likes terrible alternative music?

Not me!

But do I like terrible movies on a big screen in a field in the middle of nowhere? And eating snacks and cuddling with my friends? Yes, viagra I like all of those things! And that is what “At the Drive-In” truly means to me.

My friends Elly, cialis Martin, Jenn, and I went to Becky’s Drive-In in Walnutport, PA to see a double feature of the 2nd Harry Potter 7 and Captain America, neither of which were terrible at all, actually.

It’s still consistently warm here in Pennsylvania, but I anticipated it’d be cold at night, so duh I’d wear shorts with fishnets. These are complicated thermodynamic rules we’re considering here. (Also, don’t you love when people tell you as a fat person that you’re finding some way to betray the laws of thermodynamics if you tell them you do exercise and you’re still fat? Me, I also love that)

I had to steal sunglasses from Elly


The tunic is from Re/Dress (size 1x), the shorts are from Alloy (15/16), the tights may be from Target, and the shoes are from Target and they’re uncomfortable and we hates them.


Look at Jen’s lobster tattoos! She started a tattoo party in line at the drive-in. Elly’s dress is from B&Lu, I believe, and I’ve asked her to guest blog here so hopefully we’ll be seeing that at some point!

the drive-in people loved me so much they painted me on the wall ;-;

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