spooky kabuki

This is what I wore to be magical at the Magic Gardens:


My dress is by user kirakiranao on LJ, thumb the tights I’ve talked before and are made by Teja Jamilla, but she seems to have put her shop on hold. :/ I need new shoes so badly!

This is what my room at home looks like, but not on purpose


This is what I wore to get fancy Italian lunch with my fancy friend Emilie:

  1. The skirt is from Metamorphose temps de fille, a Japanese lolita brand that mostly makes very small sizes, and the shirt is from H+M. The hat is from Bodyline and I want to wear it everyday forever.
I don't own anything that matches, least of all socks




Now let’s talk about Halloween!


I can’t sew or craft in any way. My creativity is strictly limited to making fun of people on the internet, obviously. ┬áThis year I’d like to be something actually scary, and if I could craft, I’d want to be a mermaid, but not the Ariel kind. I want to be one of the scaly, fanged mermaids of legend. Or of Harry Potter. Whichever invented that image.


Ursula is a great fat girl costume, but all of the ones available in stores only go up to a size L.

And this idiot doesn't look the least bit menacing


Exactly how the hell does that make sense? “Poor Unfortunate Souls” without a belly jiggle is for poor unfortunate souls, indeed. You cannot deprive a Little Mermaid fan of the bounce to the ounce. I did find one plus size Ursula costume, but it’ll really make you look more like a jellyfish in a Guy Fieri costume. I guess if you told people that’s what you were it’d be an actually original costume idea:

It's time for Dives and Drive-ins!


I think if you are, unlike me, a person with competency in the making of things, it might not be so hard to thrift a black dress, make tentacles by filling fabric with wire and stuffing, and attach the tentacles to a belt. If you do that I want to see how it goes!

If you’re like me, though, and lack any making skill whatsoever, there’s Etsy, for cute, creative costumes that you can’t claim the credit for! But you’ll look more original than any of the Disney princesses or sexy meter maids around you. These are all made by sellers who do custom sizing:

I actually want this tiger jumpsuit for everyday wear.


here's a joke about how you'll be a hoot!


You're on tumblr! You love Sailor Mars.


I’m kind of loath to post this last one because I’m pretty sure the shop owner stole this idea from someone else but I’d really like to see a fat girl do the Snorlax costume:

This is my nappin' costume


I have a few ideas in mind this year that will probably involve attempts at thrifting and then realizing it will take more work than I will be able to do and then giving up because I don’t have anywhere to go anyway.

So I’ll be sure to post pictures of that!



3 thoughts on “spooky kabuki

  1. Your pictures are always so cute!

    It makes no sense that they'd only have the Ursula costumes in smaller sizes. Come on, she was based on Divine, for crying out loud!

  2. I can understand why you want to wear that hat everyday forever! It's seriously cute on you!

    I also have no idea what I want to wear for halloween…

    I'm going to do the crafty person thing and say:

    You could probably make some tentacles out of cheap black stockings. Maybe glue some light purple craft foam circles on them as suction cups?

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