What I am finding with movies from the 80s is that the first half will be really well-written and comedically strong and then the movie ends with an hour and a half car chase or an hour and a half long tank chase or an hour and a half long plane chase. These days my blog posts start with an outfit and then an hour and a half long etsy chase.

I do this to emulate my hour and a half long thrift chases. When I thrift in the suburbs I walk out with bags of stuff, cialis but in the city, buy viagra where everything is super picked over, ask I’ll be lucky to leave with one item. Philly Aids Thrift is one of the best thrift stores in the city, especially because you know exactly where their money goes to and it’s not some vague Christian charitable organization or charity that doesn’t hire gay people.

One day at Philly Aids Thrift I spotted a really cute dress, probably from the 70s because of the icky polyester and gigantic collar, but I wasn’t able to try it on because of these two people who used the dressing rooms for 3 hours to take pictures of themselves with their DSLRs. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be doing that if I had a DSLR and no consideration of anyone else’s time, but I only had the latter. So I bought the dress with hope in my heart and luck on my side because it ended up costing $1.75.

I took it home and removed the sleeves, because my arms are the main obstacle from fitting into a lot of things I want to fit in.

Ok well it kind of doesn’t fit but I wore it ANYWAY and I enjoyed it.











I enjoy making my hair fancy. I was going to see some local indie bands, all of whom were surprisingly good!


I can finally pop my collar! There is no attitude without collar! The dress is vintage from Philly Aids Thrift and I fucked with it. The striped tights were a present from my sister.


I realized that as the weather gets colder I am increasingly dependent on cardigans. I wear them almost every day in the fall! My best finds are always from thrift stores. There doesn’t seem to be a lot in the way of unique cardigans in retail stores right now. I like these from Faith 21:















I do love the preppy/boyfriend look, and accessorizing in a hyper girly way to make up for the sort of masculine quality of it.

Etsy didn’t really yield much in the way of cute cardigans, either, though I am not averse to the new trend of screenprinting on cardigans:


I also really liked the contrast color scheme and little flower on this one:

Working at the consignment store and seeing all the beautiful designer bags is changing me from the kind of person who just buys a big cheap bag and uses it until she destroys it into the kind of person who buys a lot of beautiful bags and keeps them in a pristine rotation.










This is my favorite because of the weird leather borders!:


PS These shoes:


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