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Sometimes I think it’s total bullshit that I customarily burn my hair into submission.



Left untamed, cialis my hair turns me into a fabulous (male) lion.

The skirt is an Atelier Pierrot skirt I bought in Japan. The lady at the store was all, “THAT’S NOT GONNA FIT YOU, FATTY”, holding it up against my body and stretching the waistline as far as it would go to prove it. “I-it’s a gift,” I stuttered in Japanese. I WAS LYING, AND NOW IT IS ON MY FAT BODY.

The shirt is a size 10 from H+M and the cardigan is a size L from some crappy mall store called Body Central. So basically nothing on my body is actually anywhere near the size I actually wear.

lions etc etc

1 thought on “fluff and stuff

  1. I really like your hair like that!

    I also have that feeling like I need to constantly wear my hair up (in a bun) because it doesn't stay perfectly untangled like some imaginary people's hair does!

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