the clash


For a brief and shining moment there was a thrift store in my town. Oddly, find I’d had a recurring dream for about a year about “the thrift store near the train station”, in a part of town that didn’t exist and that I could never make it to in time. My dreams stopped when they manifested a reality: the E. Serendipity Shoppe, which was indeed located near the train station. I found a few pretty good pieces there, but after a couple months they ended up closing, and my dreams started again.

The blouse was from the E. Serendipity Shoppe and I’m guessing it’s from the 80s. The skirt is from my work, and it seems handmade, which is weird because we don’t usually accept handmade things.



No big deal, just hanging out at the dianetics center, being poisoned by my thetans.


My goals with this outfit were to try more clashing patterns and I liked how it turned out. The big elastic waist on the skirt was pretty annoying to maneuver and ended up looking sloppy a lot of the time, though. I wear button-up blouses so infrequently because they never fit me well, and this wasn’t really an exception. If I had even a modicum of competence I would sew little snaps in between the buttons on all my blouses.



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