fall in philadelphia



I think I’d be very happy if I could just spend autumn in Philadelphia and the rest of the year elsewhere.

I noticed I am always skipping tracks when listening to music to achieve the perfect cinematic effect of scenery and atmosphere matched to music. Luckily Hall & Oates, the only worthwhile music to come from this city, made a song perfect for the occasion and I can just listen to it on repeat.



I’ve noticed some signs of aging in my face. Wrinkles under my eyes, laugh lines around my mouth. Maybe it’s the haircut or maybe it’s my age but I haven’t been catcalled since I got home, except when I wore cat makeup to work on Halloween and got literally catcalled on the way there. Of course parts of me want to look 18 forever because the obsession with youth affects everything. I really like being 27, though. I don’t mind looking 27 or older. I have a pretty good idea of the career path I intend to be on. I am getting paid for something related to music, which I never imagined I’d get to do. I have a great and healthy relationship, amazing friends, wonderful family. I’ve done a lot of creating in the past couple years.




An 18-year-old doesn’t usually get to have all of those things so why should I look younger than I am? In a lot of ways, too, I never expected to get to 27. I had to go through a lot to get here.



My dress is super old and still looks great. It’s a vintage dress that I got at a thrift store, I’m guessing 70s because of the polyester fabric and the pussybow. The hat is a much loved find from a vintage store in Norwich.



My friend Gloria asked me in a comment on my last post where one could acquire cheap plus size clothing. Recently I had to actually buy pants, which I hate to wear but which are necessary for work. I ended up getting a bunch of pairs on clearance from Old Navy and I can review them later. Their Rockstar jeggings are pretty much perfect if you are an assless chap like me.

Here is some stuff I’ve been looking at for fall business casual purposes. You can click on the pictures to go to the links.



I think this could look really cool with a printed scarf. I love the color.


I’ve been looking at turtlenecks honestly because I would like modest clothing that makes my boobs look bigger.


It’s $15 and it looks like it goes with basically everything and that you could probably fall asleep in it and wake up with less shame than when you accidentally fall asleep in jeans and you wonder where your life has gone and what you were supposed to do with your day


I never thought I’d be into suede or faux suede but I have fallen for this return-of-the-70s claptrap. I want to wear a floppy hat with this.


Donna Hayward, eat your heart out.

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