I’m Vogue L’uomo Too


By now you’ve probably already seen the amazing Vogue L’uomo spread featuring Kate Winslet shot by Peter Lindbergh. Kate looks smoldering and intense and very beautiful.

The fantastic Kitty Wood and I also did a black and white androgyny shoot back in April but somehow it didn’t end up in Vogue L’uomo or any other Vogue. Weird and unfair, viagra huh?


I actually got this fantastic suit at Target, an 18 in the blazer and a 16 in the trousers. I can’t find anything like it now and I left it back in England because I am a trash heap who left a bunch of clothes at my very kind Gabby’s house.



I also have this undercut which can read pretty severe so it all came together. It was Kitty’s idea to do this one in black and white. I like that a little bit of my belly is peeking out of the blazer. I feel like androgyny is definitely not the done thing with fat models. We seem to celebrate androgyny most with David Bowie types. That transitional, fluid, ephemeral quality seems tied in people’s minds to thinness.


Look at my clearly defined masculine chins.

Warning: below there is a little more decolletage. Nothing too racy, but it’s probably not super work safe.

I’m not great at makeup but I attempted a pretty severe contour, which thankfully read okay in black and white.


It looks like SO MUCH on my little camera phone.


But reads pretty minimal in black and white. Look at my little baby ham hands, also. I can’t stop laughing. It looks like someone put baby hands in a man’s suit.



And at the end of the day you let your hair down.

The rest of the set is on Zivity and has 0 votes! It gets the slightest bit racier.

In the mean time, if you’re looking for suits and dapper wear in plus sizes, I would check out Haute Butch.

I also like this tuxedo blazer from ASOS (for your Skullomania cosplay)image1xxl

and this plaid blazer from Target (though it only goes up to an 18. Boo.)



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