here comes my BABY

“that’s not LOLITA,” someone would say, “she’s not wearing a PETTICOAT and her TIGHTS HAVE HOLES and she’s FAT and i HATE HER and i will ANONYMOUSLY FIND OUT HER ADDRESS and INFORM HER WORKPLACE SHE’S A SLUT.”

5 years ago that would bother me. Or I’d be the one saying it, probably.

Surely, dressing yourself without the help of rules and guidelines and a bunch of screaming internet girls is a loathsome task, but these days I am (questionably) managing.

Actually, when I got home I kind of hated this outfit. I wondered if perhaps I had walked around looking like a fucking mess all day and because everyone perceives me as always being a fucking mess no one bothered to tell me.


blouse: thrifted

dress: BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT. this dress has been through a LOT

belt: crappy mall Body Central

shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

no petticoat this time!

my favorite compliments to receive:

-I can’t wait to see what you’re gonna wear all the time!

-your face looks vintage (WHAT)

-you look like amanda seyfried/christina ricci/any total hottie that i don’t actually look like but i am totally ok with reminding people of

-you sang the ass out of that hall & oates song

-i like your face (said by some guy at a costume party off his face on E or something)

-“your hair looks like a lisa frank sunset”

least favorite compliments to receive:

-“congratulations on not wearing your weight around your neck”

-you look like (person who is famous for being fat but doesn’t look like me)

-you look comfortable

-“that’s so different!”

-“the one on the right looks like a dude but if it’s not i’d totally fuck it”

-things that are observations but not compliments: “so many colors”, etc

2 thoughts on “here comes my BABY

  1. I think you look absolutely beautiful and I love this outfit. Tights with holes are cool these days, so no worries there 😀 (at least that's what I tell myself so I put off getting new leggings for as long as humanly possible).

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