destroy it yourself


It’s been universal knowledge for generations that the best way to dye your hair is with a sleepover. Kara and I both used Manic Panic Ultraviolet (with a splash of Electric Amethyst) and it turned out… turquoise? Not really what we intended, help and I am kind of over Manic Panic as a result.

The color barely took for me! It became kinda cool mermaid hair but I have since done something a little less splotchy with it. It was not Kara’s fault at all, seek though. We each completely coated our hair with dye but it must have been a bad batch or something.

This blouse is a fun thing from a thrift store that I butchered. Some people can do any kind of DIY project and make it look beautiful. I just took a pair of scissors and started chopping at the sleeves unevenly until I was too angry to do more. I am too impatient and clumsy for craft.


I’m with grill. Kara also thrifts pretty much everything she wears.


The skirt is actually a poodle skirt my mom made for me in 7th grade, advice and sure, I still wear it. If it fits, why stop?


Here are some DIY projects I would do if I weren’t totally incompetent:

bow on the back Valentino t-shirt

stencil your own heart print tights

easy circle skirt tutorial


I think my very cute Oxfords have become the reason I can barely walk because of carpal tunnel in my foot. 🙁 I have to find something that is not Crocs to work all day in.

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