resigned to consign

I feel like fashion has currently caught up to what I’ve always been into. I feel lucky! Truly, I don’t like feeling not unique but it is good to be able to easily purchase things I like.



I got this dress at a Buffalo Exchange in Center City, which is not the consignment franchise I work for. They have a lot of fun stuff and this was new with tags (from TJ Maxx, haha).



I really liked the staff at Buffalo Exchange, and was surprised to see such negative reviews on Buffalo Exchange, especially for their consignment policies.



Consignment is a great way to make a little money if you have things you’ve bought but don’t use or just generally take great care of your clothing (personally, I couldn’t consign anything I’ve bought because it’s usually thrifted in the first place and worn until it’s in tatters).

Here are some tips on consigning clothing. These aren’t specific policies related to where I work; they should help you no matter where you consign:

-Before loading your stuff up, make sure you read ALL of the consignment policies before you go. This will help prevent wasting your own time and theirs. It’s important to know whether or not you need an ¬†appointment, whether they pay you up front or put you on a contract, how they would like you to bring your items (on hangers? in bags?), if they have a minimum of items they take, whether or not they take vintage pieces, what sizes they take, etc. Unfortunately plus size consignment is hard to find, but many places will take up to size XL or don’t have a maximum for shoe sizes. And let the consignment store know there is interest in plus size consignment if they don’t have it!

-It’s always best to launder anything you want to consign before you consign it. It’s just polite, and it will help get rid of simple things that might prevent your item from being taken (dirt, cat hair, etc).

-To prevent embarrassment for yourself and for the staff at the store, make sure nothing you bring has any icky stains. Period and pit stains happen to everyone! It’s normal! But you don’t necessarily want to share yours with the world. Check every item you want to bring for deodorant stains, collar wear, pulls, all the things they will be looking for, too. Pre-sorting your items saves you time when you get there. If it’s something really high end, like a designer purse or designer shoes, keep in mind if there’s significant wear you might not make as much back as you’d like.

-Don’t try to argue with the staff about what they will or won’t take. They probably know the stock of the store well enough to know what will or won’t sell. If there are extenuating factors (it’s a designer they might not know, you paid $1200 for it, it’s made out of whale bone penis, whatever), politely let them know before they start looking at your items.


That’s it! Go make some money off your stuff!

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