Hi. Never your dye your hair teal.


It may look super cool with some things, store like a Free People stripe top (size L) from work and a Cynthia Rowley bicycle belt, look but it’s a more permanent investment than you realize.


It is somewhere between blue and green, so it looks off with blue and it looks off with a green polka dot dress (size 16, thrifted).


And although it looks pretty amazing at first, it ends up fading to a color between the green of the dress and the brown of the polka dots.


And once you dye it teal, it never truly goes away. And if you are not like me, and understand color theory, you will want to avoid cool green and taupe and white animal print skirts from the 60s that you bought on etsy. You can still wear a size L polka dot top from the Limited that you bought at work, but you may want to skip the thrifted size M cardigan.




This is a huge endorsement for the color Twisted Teal by Raw, though. If you WANT a color that stays in forever, let me tell you that no matter how hard I tried, this stuff didn’t fade a bit for a month. It did stain everything all the time when taking a shower, though. And even though I faded it with clarifying shampoo and vitamin C powder and dyed over it twice, it STILL shows through once my current dye starts fading. ONLY DYE YOUR HAIR TEAL IF YOU ARE PREPARED TO HAVE IT BE TEAL FOREVER.

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  1. I've had the same problem! I used Crazy Colours dye in Peacock Green (which was very much more of a teal/mermaid colour) and i did everythingggggggggggggggggg to try and get it out and the only way to finally get all of the remaining dregs out of my hair was to do a series of bleach baths. Its the most perfect colour, but to hell with going through all that trouble again!

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