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First thing’s first:

I’m giving away a Navabi x Arched Eyebrow blouse at the end of this post! Lucky you maybe!


Last time we spoke I was in a precarious position where I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to stay in the UK. I’m happy to report that I nailed my re-do and I’ve started the second year of my Master’s. It’s already challenging (hours of lectures about swallowing! And here I thought I was already an expert. Because I’m fat. Also because I’m a slut. Thanks everybody for hanging in for this long and unfunny parenthetical joke!) but I’m excited to start work on my dissertation and to get to work with adults.

I’ll post later about my trip to Edinburgh and to the French Alps. I’ve been very lucky! I have to work hard to retrospectively deserve it.

One of the things I got to do over summer break was hang out with my Small Mom! She’d never been to the UK and I overwhelmed her with options in my favourite city. She was pretty happy to drink tea and ride the double decker buses across the city. I know where I get that from. But we ended up doing loads of stuff: the British Library, the British Museum, the zoo, a day trip to Canterbury, and up north to the Peak District to see Eyam (the plague village) and Chatsworth House. It was amazing having her here. She’s been through a hell of a lot (more than even YOUR MOM. and we all know what YOUR MOM has been through) and I hope she enjoyed having a big adventure and meeting lots of my very favourite people.


I got to wear my first Navabi Fashion piece to Chatsworth House, a gorgeous Manon Baptiste maxi dress that I won in a competition they ran on Twitter. Because I won it in a competition and it was not sent to me for review purposes, I can be honest and say that

I completely love it. I look and feel like a goddamn 70s princess.

Here’s a better photo from the first time I wore it:

Super high quality material, the dress is lined, the fit is immaculate.  The little ruffle details on the shoulders make it playful but not childish. Every Navabi piece is made when you order it so it feels like time goes into making it a long lasting piece of your wardrobe.

Navabi did send me a new piece from Bethany Rutter’s Arched Eyebrow collection. I WAS sent this for review purposes, but again…


It’s pretty much perfect for me. The stretch viscose material means that it feels sturdy and high quality but it’s the holy grail of button-up blouses in that IT DOESN’T GAP. I’ve heard from people with all different boob sizes that blouses gap on them. It’s not just a problem for busty people so everyone can appreciate what a rare thing this is.

It also has super cute details, like the graphic triangle buttons and the pussybow! I love a good pussybow. I’m not saying that to be crass. It’s just accurate.

Bethany’s whole collection is full of pieces calling out for scene-stealing colour-blocking. I love to steal a scene, provided I do not already star in the scene. It’s abundantly clear it was designed by a fat person for other fat people who like how they look and don’t want to hide behind butterflies, neutrals, and cold-shoulders. FAT PEOPLE HATE TO HAVE COLD SHOULDERS, RETAILERS. STOP TRYING IT. I even have particularly nice shoulders– it’s a weird compliment multiple people have paid me– and I don’t want to wear a cold shoulder!

Back to things I do like.

I paired it with my Monki overalls to show how versatile it can be. You might not think a hot pink blouse with a bow tie has multiple purposes but for me it fits perfectly in so many places in my wardrobe. Apologies for not ironing it- I didn’t have access to one. Also I’m not really sorry.

Alright, enough chat! Do you want to win one of these made just for you in your size, if you are UK size 14-28?

Here are the rules:

  1. One entry per person.
  2. You have from today, September 7th to midnight on September 15th, 2017 at 11:59 to enter. No entries after that.
  3. You have to live in the UK. Soz.
  4. Prize can’t be exchanged for other items or cash value.
  5. How to enter: Follow me on instagram (@maryburgers). Comment on this post and tag a friend you think might be interested. Then enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below (it will ask you to login with Facebook or your email. Then click on the text and it will give you an option to confirm your Instagram username).

The winner gets one Arched Eyebrow x Navabi Short Pussybow Blouse. The winner will be contacted via email to find out they’ve won and Navabi will ship your new piece to you!

Good luck!

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