a world that’s not the internet

I’m sure I’d be content to spend all my days on the internet but I can’t swim in it, sickness not yet.

Bathing suit season is almost over so it’d probably be really helpful to you at this point if I talked about my bathing suit.

I got to go on a two-day, viagra impromptu trip to Jacksonville with my cousin to pick up her nephew. We did a little pit stop at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina on the way back. The waves were warm and not too rough, alternating between softly punching me in the gut and not-that-softly punching me in the gut. Just standing in the water provided me with an excellent resistance workout.

I’m wearing Pinup Girl Clothing’s Nautical Swimsuit in a 2x. I think the design is really cute. I love the white halter tie, I love the little anchor, and in theory I love the skirted bottom. It offers no breast support at all, though. Every time I wear this thing I flash at least one person. My brilliant friend Catty has a similar bathing suit from them and she has taken to wearing a bra under it. While that’s a good idea, it’s not something anyone should have to do.

I think the skirted bottom would look better on someone more gifted in the hip area. It looks like from the website that it makes even their thinnest models look oddly pouchy. It does make my prominent belly look even more prominent and does nothing for my boobs, so I’m not sure it’s the bathing suit that looks best on me, but really my biggest problem is the flashing people thing.

How am I supposed to catch toddlers or swim in waterfalls while worrying about my chest area?


3 thoughts on “a world that’s not the internet

  1. Hahaha..where is that waterfall? I wish I went to waterfalls. Was the bathing suit expensive? I've been wearing the same one since like high school. It's way too short on me and thus the straps dig into my shouldies, but I have literally nothing else suitable (ha! ha!).

    1. the waterfall is at world's end state park in dushore, pa. the bathing suit was like $99, and i'm not sure it's worth the price considering the lack of support :/

  2. I like it! That last picture is really cute. Even though I'm a guy, though, I know how annoying it can be wearing clothes that don't really fit correctly. When my pants keep trying to fall down, for instance.

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