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So first off, help sorry for the long absence. I found out for sure that I am doing an 8 month study abroad in Norwich, sovaldi UK starting next month so I have been focusing on getting my stuff in order for that. This blog will also be a place for me to write about my new adventure and hopefully some travels! It’s a special kind of stupid that enables someone to go live in a place they know nothing about and have never been to, viagra and I am excited about it.

Secondly, the etsy seller thewhitewoods (who sold me the dress in the last post) has offered you all a hefty 25% percent discount on a non-sale item if you use the code FRIENDZ on your next purchase! She has some super darling things right now, so go take advantage of it!

Last November, at Re/Dress’s big finale fashion show, I got to finally try some of Domino Dollhouse‘s outrageously cute things. Ever since they launched I had wanted to buy pretty much every piece of every line they released. They’re a little out of my normal budget but that’s to be expected when you think a $10 dress from a thrift store is just too much. I decided that it’s beyond worth it for the kind of stuff in my size I had always wanted but had never been available to me, things that were over the top and youthful, punky and cute and not at all boring or matronly. Their models look sexy and are styled in a really fashion forward way, not in a way that covers them up or is focused on the nebulous concept of “flattering”.

When I got the chance at the trunk show to get a few items, I totally jumped at it. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, most of the items in 1x were already gone, but there were still a few things I really loved.

These are items that I did pay for myself and one of which is no longer available.

However, it’s been less than a year since I bought them so I hope it’s still representative of the products they make.

Does not come with cat, Betsey Johnson tights, or skinny belt

I was saving my watermelon dress from the Delectable Dresses collection (Cupcake’s Clothes has the original promotional pictures for it here) for a special occasion so for 7 months or so it sat in my wardrobe, waiting for the summer. I finally ended up wearing it to the Roots Picnic at Festival Pier.

It is definitely comfortable. As a size 16/18 the 1x provides a good fit, especially because it’s shirred in the back, so it wasn’t loose in the boob area like many dresses made in my size. It was the right shape to wear my squaredance petticoat under it for extra poof, but they also sell really cute meringue petticoats in different colors.

The only notable criticism I have of it is that the cotton it’s made out of needs to be ironed/steamed repeatedly or it looks a little schlubby. It’s very wrinkle-attracting, but it’s also the price you pay for having custom-printed fabrics that can be produced in large quantities and tailored easily, I think.


The design is amazingly eye-catching. I got a ton of compliments and a couple of people even took my picture. I am actually very shy so wearing over-the-top fashion is like creating an extrovert self that people can make friends with. The superficial is integral to my not being a lonely hermit!


Me in my natural habitat

There is so much from their current collection that I want but don’t currently have the funds for. I would say if it’s in your budget and it matches your aesthetic, DEFINITELY buy from Domino Dollhouse. They’re filling a niche that has been sadly vacant for so long: fun and often sexy plus size clothing that comes in a range of sizes. I’m excited to see what they’ll have in store for autumn and winter.

The other little thing I got from them was a pair of Robin Leggings in a size 1x. They don’t really fit me like leggings, as my waist to leg proportions are very off (I have much more of the former than the latter!) but they look pretty cute as just regular, stretchy pants on me. They’re AMAZINGLY comfortable. I haven’t figured out an outfit for them yet as I am terrible at pants, so here’s the only picture of me wearing them:

Damn I miss my ultraviolet hair. Probably gonna do that again before I leave.

So yes, Domino Dollhouse is for fine ladies of distinction who obviously have very full and rich social lives and not upwards of 1000 pictures of themselves in their Photobooths.

I also got to see two musical and fashional icons at the Roots Picnic:

St. Vincent, who obviously disregards seasonal clothing conventions as she was wearing a long-sleeved metallic shirt, leather formal shorts, and tights in the middle of summer, and who was AWESOME as usual. Gives me hope for wearing a watermelon dress in an English winter.



Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs. Not a lot of hub-bub is made about her size and all the attention is paid to her musicianship in the stuff I’ve read about her– which is awesome! She’s an incredible musician. She also wears amazing stuff, like these neon majorette shoulderpads.

DE LA SOUL WAS ALSO THERE but their clothing wasn’t of particular interest.

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  1. Thank you for the link! I love that watermelon dress. So perfectly summery. Good luck in your upcoming travel adventures! I hear the UK is a good place to be.

    Kirsten (The White Woods)

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